BMICA Company Project

The Bottaini Merlo International Center of Arts is developing a project that consists in the creation of an International Touring Company.

The company will have its base in Munich and is to be formed, initially, by international Ballet Stars having as Artistic Director the Kammertänzer Alen Bottaini.

The goal of the company is to present and educate the public with high standart performances of the wide range of classic and modern repertoire as well as introducing new pieces and new choreographers.
In the long term, the company is created to give young dancers the opportunity to start their professional carreer while sharing the stage with international renowned ballet stars.
In the future the students of the BMICA Academy will have a chance to join the touring BMICA Company.
These students will have the opportunity to audition for the BMICA Company and when accepted have the chance to enter the professional life with a high standart performance alongside with already recognized professional dancers.


BMICA Company Today:

Professional dancers will initially compose the company. Lined up for its first performance are names such as former Principal from BSB, Kammertänzer Alen Bottaini, as well as Maria Eichwald, Tigran Mikayelyan, Ivy Amista, Wlademir Faccioni, Katharina Markowskaya, Lukas Slavicky, David Russo among other international professional dancers.


company performance