"Dance is not an art, to be successful, but a gift to convey different emotions"

International ballet school
with professional dance training

BMICA is Munich based school which offers superior dance training 7 days a week , throughout the year. It provides training for children from age 3, adults and students wishing to become professional dancers.

The school wants to offer everyone the oportunity to experience the world of dance with the help of a team of teachers with an extensive and successful stage career and excellent pedagogic experience to aid students achieve their best. From aspiring professional dancers to students wishing to just enjoy dance… at BMICA there is a class for everyone regardless age and skill.

BMICA offers all levels of open classes:

Ballet, Pointe, Flamenco, Floor-Barre, Technique, Character, Modern and Jazz.



Participation in a zoom class from November, 2020

Due to the measures decided by the Bavarian state government against the further spread of the coronavirus, classes in BMICA can unfortunately not be given as face-to-face classes from Monday, November 2nd, 2020. We regret this very much, but hope - together with you - that we will ultimately survive this second lockdown well and above all in good health.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support, your extraordinary discipline and your understanding in these truly difficult times.

During this lockdown time, BMICA will offer live "zoom classes" in a tried and tested way, which can be booked via the Fitogramm app, which many of you are already familiar with.

The important thing here is:
that in the coming weeks for adults all fixed contracts as well as card contracts will be "frozen". I.e. Your respective contract remains in effect, but pauses for the duration time of the lockdown. This has the advantage that you do not have to pay any fixed course fees (fixed contracts) this month and your cards (card contracts) also do not expire. At the same time, it means that every booked Zoom hour is charged individually and according to a separate tariff system.




Here below we explain the schedule, how to book and take part of these classes.

  1. download the “FITOGRAM” app or go to https://www.fitogram.de and register for free
  2. You can find our courses and register using the “Fitogram” app or the "Online schedule and booking" link (see above).
  3. After selecting the course, start the booking process via “Fitogram”.
  4. Choose from the following offer: Single class, 3 tickets or 5 tickets, proceed with payment either by credit card or direct bank transfer.
  5. You will the receive a confirmation of your booking.



Professional Program for students aged 11 to 19, which focuses on developing a new generation of professional dancers through the pursuit of a high level of preparation plus building a life-long appreciation of the Arts! 


Children Classes, created for students from age 3, to introduce young children to ballet throught movement, music, rhythm and coordination.
Open Adult Classes, created for adults who appreciate dance in all its forms. 

The Bottaini Merlo International Center of Arts is developing a project that consists in the creation of an International Touring Company.
The company will have its base in Munich and is to be formed, initially, by international Ballet Stars having as Artistic Director the Kammertänzer Alen Bottaini.