To be considered for the full-time Professional Training Program, students are encouraged to audition through one of the following available options:

- Application and acceptance to join an open audition at the BMICA headquarters in the Spring, date to be announced by the BMICA (not applicable for the current school year)
- Application for video audition, for intercontinental students or students unable to travel to Germany. Video auditions should contain a short barre containing plies, tendu, fondu, adagio and grand battement - one side is sufficient -, center practice, adagio and pirouettes, one small and one big allegro, pointe exercise for girls and/or variation in case there is one prepared.
- Application and acceptance for private audition .
- Attend BMICA yearly Summer Course and apply for audition, students may be considered for invitation into the full-time training program, based on ability exhibited .


Students must apply by sending the Audition Application Form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . A pass photo and ballet photos (including an arabesque) must accompany the application form.


Email notification within a week after an application has been review.



The Professional Program offers a full professional training supported by an excellent team of tutors with an extensive and successful stage career and pedagogic preparation, willing to aid students achieve their best by sharing their knowledge and experience. The program focuses on educating and developing a new generation of professional dancers together with a lifelong apreciation of the arts, working towards the highest standards of technique and artistry.

The basic disciplines remain Classical technique supported by Contemporary Dance and a wide range of study options are available: 

  • Classic
  • Repertoire
  • Pointe
  • Men Technique
  • Pas de Deux
  • Character
  • Contemporary
  • Modern
  • Body Conditioning
  • Anatomy and Injury Prevention

Students will be accepted by audition. Selection is based on physical suitability for a ballet career plus talent, ability and artistic qualities. A child’s dance education and level placement at BMICA is based on many factors: age, muscle and bone development, maturity, work ethic, years trained in ballet, potential, etc... Mid-year progress and yearly examinations will be held before a jury of high professional level. 

An open class or a performance will close the school year, giving a chance for students to present their achievements and to gain stage experience.
The Professional Program is divided into two distinct parts:

  • Professional Program 1, from 11/12 to 15 years old
  • Professional Program 2, from 15 to 18/19 Years old 

The study program will be conform with the age of the students taking into account the necessities which the discipline requires for a correct evolution.
Students are required to equip themselves with the appropriate clothing which will be indicated by BMICA - academy uniform -.



"Casa Mia"
The BMICA Ballet Academy gives its international students the opportunity to stay in our student house with housemistress.
The house can accommodate female students of all ages, in particular for students under 16 years of age.
The family home will rely on someone who will manage the organization of the home and will be the reference point for the girls and their families.
"B Haus"
In addition to "Casa Mia", BMICA offers the possibility for older students to stay in "B Haus", where students have greater responsibility always under the supervision of BMICA.

For further information, contact BMICA directly under: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Junior Ballet Antwerp (Belgium), Swiss Offspring Ballet (Switzerland), Ballet de Barcelona (Spain)

State Opera Bourgas (Bulgary), Étoile Ballet Theatre (Italy), La Junior Company - Compagnie Chorégraphique François Mauduit (France), Swiss Offspring Ballet (Switzerland), Hungarian National Ballet School (Hungary)

Victorian State Ballet (Australia), Coastal City Ballet (Canada), Opera Comica Bucarest (Romania), Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance (UK), Menlowe Ballet (USA)

Latvian National Opera and Ballet (Latvia)

Milano Contemporary Ballet Junior Company (Italy), EBB Studio Junior Company (Spain)

Palucca Hochschule für Tanz (Germany)

English National Ballet School (UK)