Junior Program

from 10 to 15 years old

At these first years BBA offers a program designed to:  

  • fully prepare the young talents with a solid foundation of high level ballet technique
  • instill musicallity, artistic quality and coordination
  • work on developing control and muscle strength
  • learn correct body placement and correct terminology, as well as gaining greater understanding of all aspects of the profession


Specific Program:

  • Classical Technique 
  • Pointe (according to age and level)
  • Modern (once a week)
  • Contemporary (once/twice a week)
  • Character (twice a week)
  • Body Conditioning (according to age and level)


Senior Program

from 16 to 18/19 years old

The final years are dedicated to:

  • consolidating the technical preparation
  • continuing to develop the artistic quality and style through an understanding of the music
  • prepare students for competitions
  • prepare these young dancers for the reality of the profession encouraging them to always achieve their best in this complex and demanding artistic activity, it is not achieved merely through the practical and academic classes, but by an awareness, through an approach to theater life, of the work ethic, passion and self-discipline needed to thrive to greater heights
  • give the students a valuable knowledge in practical theater life through academic ballet specific theoretical classes

Theoretical classes that will allow the deepening of the chosen discipline will also, at these last levels of the program, accompany the practical lessons.

Specific Program:

  • Classical Technique 
  • Pointe 
  • Repertoire 
  • Pas de Deux 
  • Contemporary 
  • Modern
  • Character
  • Body Conditioning 
  • Pantomime 

Specific theoretical classes in:

  • Functional Anatomy and Injury Prevention
  • Introduction to Movement Notation